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Technology Resources

This technology grant offers support for students who need assistance with wifi and a laptop device. We will prioritize students who are currently enrolled, demonstrate financial need, have no or limited access to internet/wifi, and those who apply first. Eligible students will be provided a grant funding award for $255. This funding is provided to address the cost of a hotspot, which is a one-time cost of $100, and then wifi service would be $15 a month after that, thus covering the wifi expense for one academic year period (9 months). The student will receive instructions that include next steps to connect with and request a free Chromebook and hotspot from an organization named Human IT thereafter. You will receive a response to your request within two business days after submission. If you are considered eligible for a Chromebook from Human IT, it may take up to two weeks for your Chromebook to arrive by mail.

Thanks to recent support from our donors, UCSB Thrive is now able to distribute free laptops to students who are majoring In the social sciences. These majors include: Anthropology, Asian American Studies, Black Studies, Chicana & Chicano Studies, Communications, Economics, Economics and Accounting, Feminist Studies, Global Studies, Political Science and Sociology. Students who receive these laptops will be encouraged to provide a thank you note to our supporting donors. These laptops will be provided on a first come first serve basis for students who demonstrate financial need. 

UCSB Thrive is able to lend Chromebooks to students who are in short-term need of a laptop. These are only available to students who are currently living in Santa Barbara county. Students will need to sign a borrowing agreement, schedule a time to pick up the laptop from the SNAC, and then return it to the SNAC within 30 days.