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Housing Resources

As a student of UCSB and a member of our local community, you should have access to stable housing, healthy and affordable foods, financial literacy resources, and comprehensive mental health resources. With the assistance of local and university organizations, the University of California is committed to ensuring that all students have their housing needs met. We welcome all UCSB students, regardless of immigration status, gender, or sexual orientation to browse through and access the resources provided. 

In addition, check out our toolkit coauthored by the California Homeless Youth Project, a project of the California State Library, and by Schoolhouse Connection. This collection of briefs provides timely, concise overviews on each of these issues as it relates to homeless and low-income students at California Community Colleges, California State Universities, and Universities of California. It also highlights existing resources and methods to support the academic success of at-risk student groups. 


Affordable Housing

UCSB is committed to meeting the housing needs of all our students. Whether you're looking for local off campus housing, university housing, or student run cooperative living spaces, this is a great place to start looking. In addition, there are housing resource guides and local third party housing organizations that you can browse through. 

Financial Assistance

An aggregated short list of financial grants and loans that cater to student housing needs. Grants may also be applicable to food, medical, and educational expenses as well. Eligibility for different grants/loans will vary between Undergraduate, Graduate, and International students. 

Emergency and Transitional Housing

If you are facing housing insecurity or are in need of immediate housing within 24-48 hours, these are university and third party resources that serve our students in Santa Barbara county. You can also learn more about any general financial housing concerns that you may have. 

Currently Houseless

Local Resources and university programs in Isla Vista and Goleta that can provide immediate aid and resources to our students who are currently houseless. Resources include safe parking programs, free hot showers, local shelters, as well as immediate housing within 48 hours. 

Mediation Resources

Local and University based resources that address any disputes, questions, or mediation between local tenants and landlords. Additional services include neighbor and roommate dispute resolution, educational workshops, move-in and move-out videotaping, and advice and information about rental rights and responsibilities.