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Resource Guides

These resource guides were created and shared in order to simplify the student-living experience, giving students a source to refer to when stocking pantries or buying kitchenware or going grocery shopping!

Demographic-specific student resource guides were also created with the hope of creating a better transition-experience for undergraduate, transfer, graduate, and undocumented students here at UCSB.    

For Faculty: Please see the first downloadable PDF for a slide that you could incorporate into your presentations for classes.  If you would like this slide in a different format, please contact Katie Maynard kcmaynard@ucsb.edu or visit or google slides file at: https://tinyurl.com/157warnm. 

Click the images to get redirected to the full downloadable PDF!

Slide for Basic Needs Programs at UCSB
Updated Graduate Student BNR Guide
All Students Resource Guide-1
Updated Grocery Shopping Tips
Updated Essential Kitchen Equipment
Copy of International Student Resource Guide
Updated Houseless Student Resource Guide
Student Parent Resource Guide-1


Copy of Food Pantry Schedule (Winter 2020)


Updated Pantry Stocking Checklist