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Communications Team for Food Security and Basic Needs


The Communications Team for Food Security and Basic Needs is are responsible for effective outreach to different communities across campus to ensure that all students are aware of food security resources. This team utilizes various publicity efforts to reduce stigma in recognizing food insecurity and seeking appropriate action to alleviate such issue within the community. Some of our success include supporting this website, which has over 13,227 visitors in 2017 alone. Another task is weighing in on website changes, such as highlighting several new workshops hosted by the Food Nutrition and Basics Program which resulted in a total of 1,1513 participants across 83 different workshops who too took the time to participate in discussions and take home valuable information to be used in their kitchens, grocery stores, and on-campus dining facilities.

Basic Needs Communications Members: 

  • Nadia Abushanab, Communications Intern for Calfresh Team 
  • Carrieanne Mamba, Rapid Rehousing Intern
  • Michael Chan, Repid Rehousing Intern
  • Miranda O'Brien, Global Food Initiative Ambassador
  • Alex Soe, Communications Intern
  • Kevin Zeng, Health and Wellness Intern
  • Advisor: Melissa Fontaine, Food Security Coordinator Department of Geography
Advisors to Basic Needs Communications
  • Jackie Ovalle, Health Education Specialist UCSB Department of Health & Wellness
  • Jewel Snavely, Sustainability Coordinator, The Green Initiative Fund Grant Manager UCSB Sustainability 
  • Katie Maynard, Sustainability Coordinator Department of Geography
  • Sharleen O'Brien, Director Health & Wellness UC Santa Barbara
  • Shelly Leachman, Deputy News Director and Writer Public Affairs & Communications UCSB

For more information on how to get involved, please contact Melissa Fontaine at melissafontaine@ucsb.edu

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