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Healthy Campus Network Steering Committee


The UCSB Healthy Campus Network Steering Committee will promote a wellness movement to make our campus the healthiest place in America to work, learn, and live.  UCSB HCN will provide coordination and publicity to healthy campus programs currently in place while innovating new solutions. We will consider all aspects of the environmental, financial, physical, professional, social, emotional, psychological, and cultural wellness of our community members in order to initiate and sustain continual improvements in campus health.


The Healthy Campus Network Steering Committee at UCSB was established in March 2017. This was launched through the UC Global Food Initiative and established in concert with the creation of similar committees at all ten UC campuses.  This committee will be developing an action plan to support the above charge.


Funded Projects:

Contact for the Healthy Campus Network Steering Committee:

Katie Maynard
Staff to the Healthy Campus Network Steering Committee at UCSB



  • Environmental Health (Chairs: Mo Lovegreen, Ginnie Thomas, and Shannon Hinrichs) aims to promote a healthy campus environment that supports students, staff, and faculty learning, working and living on all campus properties.
  • Financial Health (Chair: Tracey Nguyen) aims to increase financial literacy and financial health related education across the campus for staff, faculty, and students.
  • Longevity (Chair: Mike Miller) aims to sustain and grow the work of the Healthy Campus Network after the sunsetting of the UC GFI
  • Psychological and Cultural Health (Chair: Katie Maynard and Iris Chen) aims to enhance connection to others, belonging, and sense of community in order to promote the sustained well-being of students, faculty, and staff and to ensure that the campus physical environment, policies, and resources support optimal emotional/psychological for  students, staff, and faculty.  By promoting public social spaces, supporting cultural diversity awareness, and strengthening communication the subcommittee strives to make UCSB the healthiest place to work, learn, and live. 
  • Physical Health (Chair: Katie Maynard and Iris Chen) sub-committee aims to create a culture on the UCSB campus such that healthy living is a central part of daily life for staff, faculty, and students. The Physical Health Sub-committee will focus on food choices, physical activity, and overall fitness.
  • Professional and Academic Health (Chair: Erica Losada) sub-committee aims to support a community of thriving faculty, staff, and student Gauchos who are engaged in their professions, careers, and academics. We will do this by utilizing and reinvigorating existing resources and programming ideas, and creating new ones where needed.

Organizational Structure:


  • Mike Miller, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services (Steering Committee Chair)
  • Barb Beainy, Director of Development and Stewardship, Engineering and the Sciences Office of Development; Chancellor's Staff Advisory Council
  • Dolores Ines Casillas, Associate Professor Chicana and Chicano Studies
  • David Cleveland, Research Professor Environmental Studies; 
  • Nancy Emerson, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Mathematical, Life & Physical Sciences Chancellor's Staff Advisory Council 
  • Shannon Hinrichs, Campus Public Health/Food Safety Officer Environmental Health & Safety
  • Jeff Huskey, Director, Recreation
  • Erica Losada, Financial and Operational Manager for Academic Affairs Executive Vice Chancellor's Office; Staff Assembly
  • Mo Lovegreen, Executive Officer of Geography and Director, Campus Sustainability
  • Katie Maynard, Sustainability Coordinator, Geography
  • Meridith Merchant, Psychologist Counseling and Psychological Services 
  • Shalauna Miller,  Executive Assistant Housing, Dining, and Auxiliary Enterprises
  • Sharleen O'Brien, Director Health and Wellness
  • Kirsten Olsen, Lead for The Academic & Staff Assistance Program, Human Resources
  • Tracey Nguyen, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Betsy Reynolds-Malear, Associate Director of Public Health Student Health
  • Laura Romo, Professor for Education; Director of Chicana/Chicano Studies Institute Gevirtz Graduate School of Education; Chicana and Chicano Studies
  • Lipika Sadaram, Associated Students
  • Maya Salmon, Career Resources Coordinator Career Services
  • Ginnie Thomas, Health Advocate Housing, Dining, and Auxiliary Enterprises
  • TBD, Graduate Student Association Representative
  • TBD, Associated Students Representative
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