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Alcohol & Drug Programs

Alcohol & Drug Program (Students)

Provides education & training to students about alcohol & drug health. Some trainings are mandated for students (such as Gaucho FYI, greek community, and the online AlcoholEDU programs), others are provided to students who are in a high risk population, and other workshops are for a general audience). Programs such as: Greek Workshops, Intercollegiate Athletics, Recreation Center, FSSP, First year student, transfer students, Res Hall staff). 

UCSB Alcohol & Drug Program Facebook Page

Life of the Party (Students)

Student Org & department dedicated to educating students about safe practices for alcohol use- harm reduction model. Provides alternative to drinking events, contributes to large scale alternative events during Halloween & Deltopia.
Hydration Stations: Provides water & snack on Friday/Saturday evenings to reduce the impact of alcohol use on the weekends in Isla Vista.

UCIV (Students)

Associated Student volunteers provide hydration stations and pick up debris in the community during large events such as Halloween & Deltopia to reduce negative outcomes related to alcohol use and student celebrations.


First Fridays (Students, Faculty & Staff)

Isla Vista First Friday of the month community events that are alternative to drinking events.

Health & Wellness IV Outreach (Students)

Hydration stations: Provides water & snack on Friday/Saturday evenings 2x/quarter to reduce the impact of alcohol use on the weekends in Isla Vista

Recreation Department: Hallowheels (Students, Faculty & Staff)

A roller skating event held at the Recreation Center during Halloween weekend as an alternative to drinking.

Contact: Brenda Lear at brenda.lear@recreation.ucsb.edu for more information