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Financial Resources

Financial Wellness Awareness Month

The Financial Wellness Committee invites you to celebrate Financial Wellness Awareness Month! We will be hosting a variety of virtual programming where students can participate in activities and events to learn more about: loans, filing taxes, balanced eating on a budget, ways to save, paying off debt and more!


The CalFresh program increases an individual's food budget by issuing eligible individuals grocery benefits that can be used at a variety of grocery and convenience stores in the area. CalFresh advocates are available on campus to assist with the application process.

Financial Crisis Team (UCSB STUDENTS)

The UCSB Financial Crisis Response Team exists to assist students who are facing a financial crisis or urgent financial need. In order to apply for emergency funding, please email FinancialCrisis@sa.ucsb.edu. Within 1-2 days a Financial Advisor will reach out to assist you.

Financial Wellness Online Module (COMMUNITY)

This online module allows users to learn about and develop important, healthy financial habits during their time in college. The module also connects students to the broad variety of resources throughout campus that can contribute to their financial wellness.

Emergency Loans and Grants (UCSB STUDENTS)

The purpose of the emergency loans and grants is to assist individuals to quickly regain stability after unexpected financial burdens. There are a variety of loans and grants available for enrolled students to apply.

Community Financial Fund (UCSB STUDENTS)

The Community Financial Fund is a program that offers financial assistance to the student community, as well as other services including a grant program and financial literacy workshops.

Work-Study Program (UCSB STUDENTS)

Work-Study is a need-based form of Financial Aid that is earned through on or off-campus employment and received in the form of a paycheck. To find out for information about eligibility requirements and other forms of Financial Aid, please click here.