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Food Security Taskforce


The Food Security Taskforce is the steering committee which oversees campus efforts to reduce food insecurity among UCSB students.  This committee was formed as a direct result of the recommendations of the statewide Food Access and Security Workgroup of the UC Global Food Initiative. This committee is responsible for delegating and managing the budget allocated to UCSB from the UC Food Access and Security Workgroup.  This group manages the development of the Food Security Action Plan and will also oversee implementation of that plan. This group is also responsible for tracking metrics on the success of food security efforts and providing ongoing reports to UCOP and the UC GFI. This committee also advises the Chancellor on issues related to food security.

Funded Projects:

Contact for the Food Security Taskforce:

Melissa Fontaine
Food Security Coordinator
(805) 893-2798


  • Direct Service (Chair: Melissa Fontaine)
  • Communications and Education (Chair: Melissa Fontaine)
  • Food Security Policy (Chair: Katie Maynard)

Organizational Structure:


  • Mike Miller, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships; Chair of the Food Security Taskforce
  • Thao Phan, Associated Students Food Bank Committee, Chair
  • Caitlin Rathe, Graduate Student Association Representative
  • Diane Fujino, Professor, Asian American Studies; Director, the Center for Black Studies Research
  • John Lazarus, Assistant Director, UCen Dining Services
  • Melissa Cohen, General Manager, Isla Vista Food Cooperative
  • Sharleen O'Brien, Director Health and Wellness


  • Melissa Fontaine, Food Security Coordinator, UCSB Sustainability
  • Katie Maynard, Sustainability Coordinator, UCSB Sustainability
Organizational Chart for Food Security Taskforce (Contact Melissa Fontaine: melissafontaine@ucsb.edu for a verbal account of this.