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Grain Salads for Lunch
Thursday 11/30, from 12-12:50pm, Student Resource Building Multipurpose Room
     Join UCen Dining and Adulting 101 to learn some new salad recipes that incorporate protein rich grains and leafy greens to keep your belly full and your mind ready for school!

Urban Gardening: Growing Abundance with Food Forests
Saturday 12/2, from 9:30-1pm, Meet at Embarcadero Hall
    Join us to learn about how to grow abundant produce in small spaces at this local farm. Using traditional strategies of planting multiple species of plants closely together and mimicking the natural design of forests, we can grow tremendous amounts of food for our community. The farm that we are visiting is the East End Eden Permaculture Demonstration Farm: Transportation will be provided from Embarcardero Hall to the farm. Please let us know if you change your mind and cannot attend. Reserve your spot at: We will be renting vans and want to plan for the right number of vehicles. Please contact Adory if you want to drive yourself:

Mobile Food Distributions:

November 28th, Sierra Madre Village Miramar Community Center
December 5th, Jameson Community Center, Santa Ynez
December 12th, San Clemente Student Housing Community Center
December 19th, Storke Family Student Housing Community Center