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Home Cooking
Monday 10/23, from 5-8pm, Multicultural Center
   Join FNBS and OISS as international cooks share their regional specialties during a meal we will prepare and enjoy together! RSVP here:

Ramen 2.0
Tuesday 10/24, from 12-12:45pm, San Nicolas Residence Hall
     Celebrate National Food Day by learning how to create two quick and easy vegetarian and vegan ramen recipes. Ramen recipes will feature sustainable and local produce.

Shopping on a Budget
Wednesday 10/25, from 5-6pm, Isla Vista Food Co-op
     Learn some great tips and tricks on how to grocery shop on a $50/week budget including building a pantry, utilizing promotion & access based pricing programs, and more! Participate in budget friendly demos based on recipes from the cookbook "Good & Cheap: Eat Well on $4/Day" that we will be raffling off!

Scrambled No Longer
Thursday 10/26, from 11:30-12:30pm, Student Resource Building Multipurpose Room
     Do you ever find yourself with eggs to spare, but can't seem to get beyond scrambled? Come visit our eggs-perts and learn different ways to maximize the world's favorite protein source. Be there or be scrambled!

Food Recovery Panel
Wednesday 11/1, from 3-4pm, Student Resource Building Multipurpose Room
     Come listen to our food recovery panel to gain a better understanding regarding our current efforts on food recovery on campus, other colleges, and the greater Santa Barbara community.

Nutrition on a Budget
Thursday 11/2, from 11:30-12:30pm, Student Resources Building Multipurpose Room
    Join the Student Health & Financial Aid Office for a hands-on introduction to meal planning and budgeting for healthy, but cost effective diet.

Queers who Lunch
Friday 11/3, from 12-1pm, RCSGD
     Queer and Trans communities is reported to experience one of the highest rates of food insecurity. This workshop will entail a food demonstration that help you develop cooking skills, in an easy, fast, and healthy way. Handouts on queer food history and free giveaways are included.

Food, Rights, & Animals: Addressing Justice for All
Tuesday 11/7, from 5-6pm, Pardall Center
     In today's world the question of ethics is at the forefront of many peoples mind when it comes to food consumption. Are we consuming food that is "sustainable" and "cruelty free"? How does food affect our health and our communities? What is foods relationship to violence, climate change, economics? In this workshop we will open a critical dialogue on addressing the issues of our agriculture system and the way it impacts the world.  

Produce Workshop: Selecting, Sorting, Storing, & Slicing
Wednesday 11/8, from 4-5pm, Isla Vista Food Co-op
     Learn the 4 S's of produce: Selecting, Sorting, Storing, and Slicing with our Produce Manager and Kitchen Manager! Come with any produce questions you might have and leave with a seasonal produce chart, recipes, a coupon, and enter to win a raffle!

Cookbook Exchange
Thursday 11/9, from 12-1pm, Library Sunrise Room
     Do you want a new cookbook? Do you have a cookbook at home that you never use? Bring the used book to the cookbook exchange and walk away with a cookbook that will light your culinary fire! This event is free and open to students, staff, and faculty. Other food-related books are also welcome.

Talk, Tour, & Taste at the IV Food Co-op
Tuesday 11/14, from 12:15-1pm, from Isla Vista Food Co-op
     Learn about your cooperatively owned and community grown Isla Vista grocery store of 45 years! Dive into your Co-op's history, business model, what we offer the community, and our why's. Then, taste some of our favorite food from kitchen specialties to local produce! You can also enter to win a basket full of $50 worth of groceries.

Healthy Thanksgiving
Tuesday 11/14, from 5-6pm, Sierra Madre Miramar Room 6113
    Join Residential Dining to learn how to create your own healthy Thanksgiving Dinner by encouraging vegetables to be at the center of the plate.

Sweet Wheat
Thursday 11/16, from 11-12pm, Student Resource Building Multipurpose Room
     Please join us for a tasty event presented by UCSB Sustainability and help us celebrate the Lebanese version of Halloween, known as Saint Barbara day. Eid-il Burbara is celebrated in honor of the Christian Saint who allegedly disguised herself as different characters to elude the Romans from persecuting her. For this feast we will be demonstrating how to make Ameh Maslouk, a healthy dessert traditionally made to celebrate. It’s easy, inexpensive, and just in time for Thanksgiving dinner!

Grain Salads for Lunch
Thursday 11/30, from 12-12:50pm, Student Resource Building Multipurpose Room
     Join UCen Dining to learn some new salad recipes that incorporate protein rich grains into leafy greens to keep your belly full and your mind ready for school!

Urban Gardening: Growing Abundance with Food Forests
Saturday 12/2, from 9:30-1pm, Meet at Embarcadero Hall
    Join us to learn about how to grow abundant produce in small spaces at this local farm. Using traditional strategies of planting multiple species of plants closely together and mimicking the natural design of forests, we can grow tremendous amounts of food for our community. The farm that we are visiting is the East End Eden Permaculture Demonstration Farm: Transportation will be provided from Embarcardero Hall to the farm. Please let us know if you change your mind and cannot attend. Reserve your spot at: We will be renting vans and want to plan for the right number of vehicles. Please contact Adory if you want to drive yourself:

Mobile Food Distributions:

October 24th, Sierra Madre Village Miramar Community Center
October 31st, San Joaquin Villages, Tenaya Pavilion
November 7th, Jameson Community Center, Santa Ynez
November 14th, San Clemente Student Housing Community Center
November 28th, Sierra Madre Village Miramar Community Center
December 5th, Jameson Community Center, Santa Ynez
December 12th, San Clemente Student Housing Community Center
December 19th, Storke Family Student Housing Community Center