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Student Health's comprehensive medical services include Medical and Psychiatric Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Dentists, Optometrists, Physical Therapists, and Social Work services to help with stress related to food availability.


UC Walks is a system-wide initiative encouraging staff, faculty, and retirees to take some time out of their day to walk and be active. This program is put on each year by the wellness programs at each campus and health facility throughout the UC system. UC Walks 2018 is the ninth annual UC Walks event, and each year the program has contributed to building community and campus spirit.

In 2017, the Recreation Center hosted a warm-up with music followed by a campus walk. Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Services hosted several walks along the campus beach and lagoon, as well as along our mountain view apartments, to accommodate various locations and schedules.


Exercise & Fitness 



Swimming pool, Swimming lessons and Summer camps.
Contact: Debbie Miles-Dutton debbie.miles-dutton@recreation.ucsb.edu


Fitness and wellness classes including group fitness, yoga, massage therapy, and personal training
Contact: Brenda Lear Brenda.Lear@recreation.ucsb.edu


Recreation offers multiple classes on wellness, including mindfulness, yoga, and other stress reduction options. Includes activity classes as well as lifestyle classes such as pottery making, guitar lessons, etc..
Contact: Brenda Lear Brenda.Lear@recreation.ucsb.edu


Regular fitness classes for UCSB faculty and staff. The program is designed specially for needs of campus employees and classes are subsidized by UC Office of the President.
Contact: Brenda Lear Brenda.Lear@recreation.ucsb.edu

Ropes Course (Students, Staff & Faculty)

Courses for all types of events including birthday parties, corporate retreats, camps, school field trips, employee bonding, family reunions.
Contact: Charlie Coupal charlie.coupal@recreation.ucsb.edu

Wellness & Fitness Institute (Students)

The Wellness & Fitness Institute is a human performance lab designed to provide education, experience and personal health/fitness assessment. Wellness Institute staff will guide participants through a series of tests and measurements to determine an individual’s fitness level and personal well-being. Upon completion of assessments, students will be referred to classes, programs or experienced health/fitness professionals in an effort to further personal growth and well-being. Every UCSB Student is given one free comprehensive fitness and health consultation per academic year.
Contact: Brenda Lear Brenda.Lear@recreation.ucsb.edu

Circuit training (Students, Staff & Faculty)

A small outdoor gym was installed 2 years ago between Santa Rosa & Santa Cruz Residence Halls. Anyone passing by can use it unless we are having a circuit training class scheduled at the same time. Many people prefer to exercise outdoors & this is one way to encourage fitness, especially for students since it is so close to their residence halls. There are also many fitness centers located in various student residences, open to students who are living in UCSB Housing facilities: San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Loma Pelona, Santa Catalina, Sierra Madre, and Santa Ynez apartments (Casitas building).
Contact: Leslie Ramirez lramirez@housing.ucsb.edu

UC Walks (Staff & Faculty)

This is a one-day event for all UC locations, usually held on the third Wednesday of May. Give-aways (T-shirts, chapstick, etc) are provided by Kaiser and some of the other health plans for staff & faculty. It encourages everyone who is able to get out & walk around our beautiful campus. There are some drawings for a few items donated by the health plans for participants.
Contact: Ginnie Thomas gthomas@housing.ucsb.edu , Brenda Lear Brenda.Lear@recreation.ucsb.edu

Maintain Don't Gain (Faculty & Staff)

Generally a 8-week program including weekly email tips and some face to face meetings with RD and/or health coach. Kaiser crafts the emails; we enhance them & make them local. Participants who complete an evaluation of the program are eligible to participate in a drawing (mountain bike or cruiser donated by Kaiser for the last 3 years). We have also offered this program to Dining staff in the spring, and provided all resources in Spanish, too. Holiday weight gain is one of the leading contributors to over all weight gain as people age.
Contact: Ginnie Thomas gthomas@housing.ucsb.edu

Yoga (Students & Staff )

Yoga is a great way to nourish the body & soul, enhancing emotional wellness as well as balance, strength & flexibility. Only open to Housing staff & students who live in Santa Rosa.

Contact: Leslie Ramirez lramirez@housing.ucsb.edu

UCSB Recreation Center (Students, Faculty & Staff)

Students have access when paying student fees; faculty, staff, and community must purchase a membership.
Contact: Bruce Hansen bruce.hansen@recreation.ucsb.edu

Summer Day Camp (Students, Staff & Faculty)

Children's Day Camp- serves children of faculty, staff, students, and community members.
Contact: Cathy Czuleger cathy.czuleger@recreation.ucsb.edu



Sport Club Athletic Training: Injury Care & Prevention (Students, Sports club athletes)

Provides injury care and prevention for over 1,000 sport club student athletes. Sport Club Sports Performance Center
Contact: Courtney Kraemer courtney.kraemer@recreation.ucsb.edu

Sport Clubs (Students)

The UCSB Sport Club program is comprised of various student organizations that have a focus for a particular sport or for learning a new sport. While clubs are organized for the primary purpose of competition, our program emphasizes skill development, team-building and socialization. All clubs practice regularly in order to promote and develop the skills and interests of their members.
Contact: Marcus McMullen marcus.mcmullen@recreation.ucsb.edu


27 teams and over 1,000 athletes.



Adventure Program (Students, Staff & Faculty)

Provides educational and recreational experiences through wilderness trips, outdoor recreation classes, ropes courses, and climbing center programs.
Contact: Rod Tucknott rod.tucknott@recreation.ucsb.edu


The First Year Outdoor Adventures (FYOA) are open to all incoming first year and transfer students. Each adventure lasts about a week and is held prior to move-in for the residence halls and UCSB’s Week of Welcome.
Contact: Rod Tucknott rod.tucknott@recreation.ucsb.edu

Wilderness Medicine Classes (Students, Staff & Faculty)

Four courses annually close to or during the UCSB Spring Break where students learn to deal with medical emergencies when help is miles away and dialing 911 may not be an option. We focus on emergency situations that involve prolonged patient care, severe environments, and improvised equipment. 
Contact: Rod Tucknott rod.tucknott@recreation.ucsb.edu

Active Transportation



Associated Students Bikes (Students)

They focus on projects of interest to students but infrastructure that they fund supports everyone who uses the bike infrastructure on campus.
Contact: Sarah Siedschlag sarahs@as.ucsb.edu

AS Bike Shop (Students, Faculty and Staff)

You bring your ID card, your bike, your time, and an inclination to learn. We provide the tools and the advice. Anything else you need, we offer at the lowest possible prices.

AS Bike Shop Bike Rental Program (Students, Faculty and Staff)

AS offers a low-cost Bike Rental Program for students, visitors, and faculty of UCSB. The Bike Shop will provide everything for a safe rental experience including U-lock, lights, and helmets.

One day: $5 (same business day)
Weekend: $15 (Friday to Monday)
Multiple Week Rentals: $20/week

Work Place Health



Educate workers on proper body mechanics/posture/how to interface with tools correctly, making sure they have the proper tools.
Contact: Julie McAbee julie.mcabee@ucsb.edu

Work Strong (Staff & Faculty)

Program for staff and faculty that includes occupational health, life balance and stress reduction strategies, including mindfulness. Must meet eligibility requirements. 
Contact: Kim Creps Kim.Creps@recreation.ucsb.edu

Sleep Hygiene (Staff & Faculty)

Many Staff and faculty benefit from learning tools to improve sleep. We have sponsored several sleep hygiene workshops in the past & plan to sponsor more.

Contact: Ginnie Thomas gthomas@housing.ucsb.edu

Medical Health



Medical insurance includes numerous health and wellness resources such as stress management info, health guidelines, smoking cessation tips, and even a 24/7 NurseLine! Check out the various wellness programs that these health plans offer.


Delta Dental offers a wellness program that includes tips for healthy teeth, interactive quizzes, informative videos on dental hygiene, and much more! Check out their website to learn more information about oral health or to subscribe to their Wellness E-Magazine.


The Vision Service Plan (VSP) website offers information on how to protect your eyes and keep your vision sharp. Learn more about anatomy of the eye or how to prevent certain eye diseases on their website! Sign up for the VSP e-newsletter to get the latest in eye health, eyewear, and exclusive savings.