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Isla Vista Food Cooperative

The Isla Vista Food Co-op accepts Calfresh! 


The Isla Vista Food Co-op is Santa Barbara County's only community-owned grocery store. The Co-op was founded over 40 years ago by students and Isla Vistans who wanted to ensure that the community would always have neighborhood access to high quality and affordable food, and that our local farmers and producers would have a dedicated store to sell to. The Co-op is open to the public and participates in many campus and community events to help share resources to make grocery shopping fun and affordable, and most importantly, to keep investing back into Isla Vista so that everyone can benefit from having a grocery store that everyone owns together. They've accepted Cal-Fresh since the day their doors opened in 1972.

What's a Consumer Cooperative? 

A consumer cooperative serves as an economic alternative founded on cooperative business principles and values that are practiced in their operating as well as through their governance policies. Co-ops aren't owned by a few people, they are owned by the community. The Isla Vista Food Co-op is owned by over 2,000 people and exists to fulfill the community's needs. Therefore, the main goal of the co-op is to create a mutually beneficial network that allows the community to thrive through healthy living and eating practices.

Fresh, Local, Organic Within Everyone's Reach (F.L.O.W.E.R.)

The F.L.O.W.E.R. program offers an in-store shopping and learning experience that reflects value, whether that value is added through programs that reduce the prices of certain items in the store, or through value that is gained through knowledge about how to shop at the co-op.

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Basics Program 

The Co-op Basics Program offers over 200 grocery and house staples available at an affordable price with more items being added quarterly. For more information and a Co-op Basics shopping guide, please click here.

Shopping Guide

If you're shopping on a CalFresh budget of roughly $50 a week, the co-op offers a sample shopping guide to help keeps your costs low. Their shopping guide will teach you how to spread out your monthly grocery budget, how to incorporate fresh produce into your budget, and more. Click here to access the shopping guide.

The Co-op has been a long-time dedicated partner to food security for UCSB students.  Over years of community and campus engagement, including with the former AS Foodbank Manager, a 10-year partnership with UCSB Health & Wellness, and ongoing representation on the Chancellor's Food Security Taskforce, the Co-op has developed initiatives to serve low-income students and families, including hands-on workshops, emergency food donations, every-day-low-price programs, and more.  The Co-op accepts Cal-Fresh and is a sign-up resource.  Cal-Fresh sales have increased significantly at the Co-op through our combined efforts on food access, from $37,324 in 2015 to $284,443 in 2018.



Monday-Sunday: 9am-8pm


6575 Seville Road Goleta, CA 93117


Melissa, General Manager

     Chuy Valle, Outreach Coordinator

Not only does the Co-op provide affordable and nutritious food to the community, they also hold free monthly tastings, snack giveaways, activity days and more!  See their monthly events calendar at www.islavistafood.coop, or follow on facebook or instagram for updates!

For information about education, outreach, catering, employment, events, and more, please click here.