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The UCSB Health & Wellness Program promotes the mental, physical, and social health of all students by enhancing individual skills and positive relationships with families, peers and the UCSB and Isla Vista community.

Health & Wellness staff use research-based methods to foster campus environments that nurture optimal student learning, development, resilience, and well-being. Through unique events, workshops, online challenges, and more, Health & Wellness aims to engage and educate all students in topics including stress reduction, positive body image, alcohol and other drugs, sexual health and relationships, and more. They are the home of the Food, Nutrition, and Basic Skills Program, which offers free workshops to teach students valuable skills regarding nutrition, food preparation, grocery shopping,
and budgeting.

For more information about the services that Health & Wellness provides, please click here.


Throughout the year, Health & Wellness staff, interns, and Advocate volunteers host a variety of events to provide health and wellness information to all students on campus and in Isla Vista. Topics that Health & Wellness focuses on include nutrition, body image, alcohol and other drugs, and sexual health. From receiving a stress-reducing massage to learning how to cook a quick and affordable dinner, Health & Wellness engages students to teach valuable information and skills pertaining to nutrition, stress
reduction, sexual health, sleep, and more.

Student Workshops

Health & Wellness interns and Advocates facilitate workshops for campus organizations and residence halls every quarter. Presentation styles include group discussion and interactive exercises, such as taking a meditative walk to the Labyrinth or playing a game of Drug Jeopardy. Workshops are available on a wide variety of health topics including positive psychology, eating disorder prevention and body image, sexual health and relationships, alcohol and other drug responsibility, and more. To request a workshop, please click here.


Health & Wellness offers many kinds of unique event and workshop opportunities, just like the one shown above. Check out their website or their Facebook page for a full event calendar.

Why The Fruit (WTF)?

Thanks to a generous gift from the Bragg Health Institute, Health & Wellness distributes
fresh, local and organic fruit to partners campus-wide every week. Visit any of our 13
locations to pick up a free and delicious piece of organic fruit every Monday:

● Student Health
● Student Resource Building (first, second and third floors)
● Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) & Career Center Lobby
● Multicultural Center (MCC)
● Associated Students
● Graduate Student Lounge
● Engineering - HFH 1006
● El Centro
● Transfer Student Center
● Academic Advising
● Visitor’s Center
● Intercollegiate Athletics
● Recreation Center

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Health & Wellness
Jacqueline Ovalle, Staff Member
University of California, Santa Barbara
Student Health Green Hall
Santa Barbara, CA 93106