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UC Healthy Vending Guidelines


In 2014, the University of California launched the Global Food Initiative (GFI). GFI leverages expertise across UC locations to improve food-related issues by developing sustainable and impactful solutions at UC, throughout California, the United States, and the world. The UC Healthy Vending Working Group was established as a GFI project to identify best practices for healthy vending programs, develop guidelines for eventual systemwide policy adoption and establish a plan for implementation across all UC locations. These systemwide guidelines and associated procedures are intended to provide minimum requirements for healthier food and beverage choices in all vending machines located on all UC locations. Each UC location is encouraged to go above and beyond these requirements. Several UC campuses have already begun to implement healthy changes to dining and food services.

The standards in these guidelines were established by the Vending Working Group to:

1. Ensure that food and beverages are available that help our UC community meet
the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
2. Expand access to healthier food choices.
3. Support the health and well-being of all members within the UC system and
serve as a model for other colleges, universities, and institutions across the
country and beyond.


Please review the attached Guidelines, FAQ’s, and Toolkit for more information on the phased in implementing the UC Healthy Vending Guidelines. The Guidelines do not eliminate any options, but set standards for what is considered healthy and ensures that each machine includes healthy options. In this way, the Guidelines help increase access to healthy foods and beverages and provide more choices for our campus community. A policy implementation toolkit is available and provides best practices for stocking the machines and promoting more healthful options. We have also included a “calculator” to help you determine in a vended food product meets the nutrition standards.

For any questions, please contact UC Healthy Vending Work Group Co-Chairs:
Kyrie Bass, UCLA, kbass@ha.ucla.edu or (310) 825-1016
Janice Kao, UCANR Nutrition Policy Institute, jankao@ucanr.edu or (510) 642-3589