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Financial Wellness Awareness Month



FWAM stands for Financial Wellness Awareness Month. The Financial Wellness Committee focuses on financial literacy and wellness practices to improve student financial health. This diverse team works in collaboration to streamline financial wellness efforts across campus and to align financial wellness resources and support systems.

April is Financial Wellness Awareness Month, during which a number of events are hosted virtually and in-person to cover financial wellness topics such as: loans, tax filing, balanced eating on a budget, ways to save, paying off debt and more!


The Financial Wellness Committee invites you to celebrate Financial Wellness Awareness Month! We will be hosting a variety of virtual programming where students can participate in activities and events to learn more about: loans, filing taxes, balanced eating on a budget, ways to save, paying off debt and more! Click on the image below to be redirected to a clickable pdf!

UCSB Financial Wellness Challenge - APRIL 2023

Click the image to download the flyer!

FWAM 2023 Goosechase Poster Image

How To Participate:

  1. Download the Goosechase IOS or Andriod app
  2. Log in. New to Goosechase? Sign up for a free account!
  3. Search for this experience by code 7B3DJ7 or Financial Wellness Awareness Month Challenge
  4. Create a profile and start playing!
  5. Attend Financial Wellness Events, visit resources on campus, and share your tips with the community.
  6. Participate to earn points and prizes!

Ways to earn points include:

  • Visit tour FWAM table,
  • Attend an in-person speaker event,
  • Complete an online Financial Wellness Module,
  • Check-in at different resource locations around campus,
  • Snap a self with an advisor,
  • Create a budget,
  • Check your credit report, etc!

Complete financial wellness activities on the Goosechase App and challenge your fellow Gauchos to win prizes:

  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • UCSB Store Gift Cards
  • ...and more!