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Gaucho Groceries


Gaucho Groceries is a grocery van service that takes UCSB students from Isla Vista stops to the Calle Real Center. With funding from the Student Fee Advisory Committee, UCSB students can use the grocery shuttle for free. The shuttle was implemented by UCSB students for UCSB students with the goal of making transportation to the Calle Real Center more convenient, accessible, and efficient for ALL students. The van service leaves from five stops in Isla Vista and departs approximately every 10 minutes. Reusable grocery bags are encouraged. 


Shuttle Stops

The shuttle will be going from the 6 different stops to Trader Joe’s. There will be fliers showing students where the stop is exactly.

The six stops are (in order of the route that they will be picking up students are)
Intersection of Camino Pescadero and Picasso (see map)
- 6634 Sueno Road
- 6807 Trigo Road
- 6699 Del Playa Drive
- 1001 El Embarcadero Road
- Intersection of Picasso and Embarcadero Del Norte (see map).

Hours of operation TBA


What do I need to present to enter the shuttle?
Gaucho Groceries is a service for UCSB students only. So, make sure to show the driver your student ID (access card) upon entering the shuttle. If you don’t have an access card for some reason, please show the driver your UCSB Gold account.

How long can I stay at the Calle Real Center for?
Students can stay at the center for as long as they want. There is no time limit students have until they need to get on the shuttle. But, the last vans will leave at 4pm, so make sure to get on the last vans to not get left behind. If you miss the last van, you will have to find another way back. 

How much can I bring on the shuttle?
Students can bring as much as they can hold onto the shuttle. This includes space beneath them and on them. 

If I have any concerns or questions, how can I communicate them to Gaucho Groceries?Questions can be directed to our Instagram and to our email (gauchogroceries@gmail.com). We will have QR codes on the bus for a feedback survey that we’d like ALL students to fill out. Feedback from students will help us keep this van service free and running. Moreover, for the shuttle service to be the most efficient, reliable, and convenient for students, we need your input. Here is the feedback survey if you’d like to give us feedback. 

How long will I have to wait at the stops?
There will be a van at each stop approximately every 10 minutes. If you miss a shuttle, don’t worry, another will come soon after. Make sure to sign in using this form.

Do I have to go to Trader Joe’s or can I go to a different store?
Students can go to any store in the area that they want. But, there will only be one stop at the Calle Real Center — right next to Trader Joe’s. 

How does the shuttle look?
The shuttle is the UCSB-owned 10-passenger van and has a Gaucho Groceries magnet on it.