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Food, Nutrition, and Basic Skills Program


Many students come into the university environment with little knowledge regarding food, nutrition, food preparation, grocery shopping, and budgeting. Without these skills, students may experience food insecurity, which includes skipping meals or eating poorly for the sake of cost or convenience. Through education, the Food, Nutrition, and Basic Skills program will help students eat well and fulfill their full potential here at UCSB.

Budgeting and Planning

This track will help students plan and build strong budgets, such as Financial Aid planning, create shopping lists, navigate resources, coupon at the Isla Vista Food Co-op and other grocery stores, and find the best financially secure living options.

Kitchen Basics

This track will also provide students with the skills to set up their first kitchen in an individual or multi-person household. Skills include the basics of cooking, setting up a kitchen pantry, properly equipping a kitchen, and more.

Cooking and Nutrition Basics

Through food demonstrations, students will learn how to cook nutritious and balanced meals, address food safety, and read food labels. This track will provide individuals with a variety of skills ranging from the basics of cooking your first meal to learning how to integrate more nutritious food into your diet.

Connecting to your food

This track aims to help students understand the relationship they have with the world around them through their dietary decisions.

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