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Santa Barbara Food Action Plan

The goal of the Santa Barbara County Food Action Plan is to ‘future proof’ how food travels from farm to table. Future proofing is the process of insulating ourselves, as much as possible, from the vagaries of an uncertain future—in essence, to be more resilient. In the food and farming sector, these uncertainties are huge.

In creating this action plan, we believe we can increase prosperity and health across the community and insulate ourselves from future uncertainties by making strategic investments in the food system. This would have a positive, cyclical effect that looks something like this:
• Providing more access to good food and better information creates healthier people who make positive choices for themselves and their families.
• This in turn creates well-nourished workers who are better able to support a vibrant food system, bringing more resources to the community.
• And this in turn allows people to become better stewards of the natural resources that support our health.

To read the complete action plan, click the SBC Food Action Plan.

UCSB Campus Sustainability Plan

In 2005, Chancellor Henry Yang charged the Campus Planning Committee (CPC) to develop a comprehensive campus sustainability plan. The CPC appointed a sub-committee, chaired by the Associate Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services, and the campus had more than 80 participants attend the initial workshop. Teams were formed after the workshop, and they helped craft the first plan. In 2013, the Campus Sustainability Plan was updated and approved by campus. The 2015/2016 update includes new timelines, that align with the new presidential initiatives and integrates the three pillars of sustainability: social justice, economics, and the environment.