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Community Affairs Board (CAB)

The AS/UCSB Community Affairs Board (CAB), UCSB’s Volunteer Action Center, is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of all UCSB Students by providing information and easy access to community service work. Through a wide range of projects and community programs such as mentoring students at Isla Vista Elementary to keeping our beaches litter free, CAB seeks to augment classroom experiences, create opportunities for career exploration, connect UCSB to the community in a meaningful way, and promote the ethics of public service.

Contact: cab.ucsb@gmail.com


Edible Campus Program

The Edible Campus Program is always looking for students to get involved. They have volunteers working on planting and designing of various food growing locations, developing various educational workshops, expanding and cultivating new partnerships, working administratively on writing grants and other fundraising efforts.

Contact:  Katie Maynard, Sustainability Coordinator:  kmaynard@geog.ucsb.edu.


Greenhouse and Garden Project (GHGP)

GHGP is an enjoyable and educational organization at UCSB that welcomes students, faculty, and staff to garden organically. One can become a member (fee of $40 per year and a $10 deposit) to have an individual plot with access to tools and seeds, or help other gardeners with their plots. Members grow a wide variety of plants, anywhere from flowers, vegetables, herbs and or huge pumpkins.

Contact: ghgpucsb@gmail.com


Isla Vista Tenants Union

Isla Vista Tenants Union helps Isla Vista renters, many first time renters, to navigate their legal rights and responsibilities in terms of housing in order to build a united, educated, and proactive community. An IVTU volunteer will be able to choose which specific cause they'd like to focus on, from community events to advising tenants, and make meaningful impacts across the board.

Contact: ivtenantsunion@gmail.com or (805) 968 - 6704


Swipes For US

Through Swipes UCSB, students can donate unused meal swipes to those in need. If you would like to get involved at UCSB, either as a volunteer distributing meal vouchers or for a leadership position, feel free to reach out by e-mailing the team directly. Click here for more information.

Contact: ucsbswipespresident@gmail.com


FoodCycling at UCSB focuses on using food recovery to address food insecurity and reduce food waste in our campus community. The Food Cycling Club recovered 7,554 pounds of fruit across 6 gleaning events in 2017-2018. Find out about their latest events via their Facebook page here!

Contact: Derek Nguyen, Food Recovery Coordinator: derekhnguyen77@gmail.com


UCSB Sustainability

UCSB Sustainability offers students a variety of opportunities including internships, jobs, student organizations and more. For a full list of ways you can get involved on campus, click here

Phone Alert


UCSB sustainability works to implement changes to make the campus a more sustainable community and place.  Some of our programs love having volunteers but can be a bit short notice (only by a few days). Consider signing up for our texting service for these sudden volunteer opportunities. All you have to do is text LINKUP to 33222 for info to be sent straight to your phone! You can unsubscribe whenever you want.

Contact: Derek Nguyen, Food Recovery Coordinator: derekhnguyen77@gmail.com