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The success of the Basic Needs Program at UCSB is because of the work of hundreds of students, staff, and faculty from many different departments and divisions across the campus as well as many off-campus partners. Each has played an essential role based on their skills, knowledge, resources, and interest areas. There is so much work to do to address the needs of our students and we cannot afford to waste time by redoing work already completed by other partners or which could be completed more efficiently and effectively in partnership.

We also believe that the best ideas are developed when students, staff, faculty, and community partners work in collaboration from the start to the full implementation and evaluation of a project.  We are committed to including each of these groups in all of our committees and project teams as full and equal partners.  

Circle Depicting Stakeholder Groups

There are many departments, organizations, committees, and individuals at UCSB all working in concert to ensure that every student, staff, and faculty member has access to healthy and sustainable food.  Click on the infographic to learn more about Food Security at UCSB!