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Meet Our Staff


Daisy Basulto-Hernandez

CalFresh and Basic Needs Communications Coordinator

Katie Maynard

Staff to Food Security and Basic Needs Taskforce, Director of Campus Sustainability

Rebecca Segundo

Basic Needs and Rapid Rehousing Manager


Abigail Gutierrez

Basic Needs Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Majoring in Communication with a Technology Management Certification

Hello! I’m Abby, one of the Basic Need Marketing and Outreach Coordinators for the Thrive Comm Team! I joined the Team because, as a first gen student, I believe that navigating your university career can be stressful. I wanted to help students find resources available to them so that they could be their best selves. I started Fall 2022 and have previously worked on projects like our campus wide scavenger hunt, graphics, and project proposals. My current projects include: Social Media, Website Updates, and Greek Life Outreach. I’ve had previous experience in a marketing internship with Santa Barbara Soccer Club. I'm interested in going into a career path that either involves marketing or data analysis, as I am currently completing a IBM Data Analyst Certification. I’m currently a fourth year graduating this Spring ‘23. I'm originally from East County, San Diego, but have found my second home here in Santa Barbara. This is all due to my friends and my second family here, my sisters and siblings from Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc., a multicultural sorority here at UCSB. Fun Fact: I’ve been skydiving!

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Basic Needs Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Majoring in Communication and English 

Hi, I’m Nicholas, a Basic Needs Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for UCSB Thrive! I am a fourth year Communication and English major that joined the team in February of 2022. As someone that uses CalFresh, I found this team to be the perfect opportunity to foster that student-to-student encouragement towards exploring one’s options for basic needs resources — something I wish I had when I first started looking. Prior to this, my background was in school journalism as a portrait photographer, so getting to converse and make people feel comfortable about seeking resources, an often uncomfortable topic, is where I feel the most confident and in my zone. That’s why you’ll often find me outside tabling for Thrive, jokingly waving around a plush avocado and hoping to be the kind encouragement other students need to jump-start their journey into finding out the variety of resources available to them as Guachos.

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Rapid Rehousing Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Majoring in Mechanical Engineering

Hi! My name is Isobel Frueh and I am a Rapid Rehousing Marketing and Outreach Coordinator. I joined the team over Summer 2022 and have been lucky enough to work alongside many other selfless and like-minded individuals! I am a multiracial woman in engineering who is hoping to encourage people to not be afraid to ask for help while also directing them to the amazing resources we have on campus. I hope to facilitate an open conversation regarding basic needs while also serving as a familiar face on campus for students to reach out to. My goals after college are to open up my own business while making use of my academic and worklife experience!
Julian Bravo

Rapid Rehousing Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Majoring in Communication with a Technology Management Certification

Hello! I’m Julian Bravo, one of the Rapid Rehousing Marketing and Outreach Coordinators. I joined the team to effectively communicate the amazing programs we have on campus and guide students in a direction where they can combat housing insecurity! I am a proud, Latino Communication and Technology Management student here at UCSB who is originally from LA County. UCSB has brought so many amazing people/opportunities into my life. Before joining this team, I interned for an app startup known as KindraConnect where I utilized the soft skills I gained from previous food service positions in the world of marketing and public relations. Fast forward to Spring quarter of 2022, I am now a current student intern with the Rapid Rehousing Program taking my knowledge to another level. My goals after college are to work for a well-established technology company, specifically in the fields of product management or marketing!
Jessica Tapia-Castillo

Rapid Rehousing Pilot Program Coordinator

Majoring in Communication and Journalism

Hello! My name is Jessica Castillo, but you can call me Jess! I am a third year Communications Major with a Journalism Minor and one of the coordinators supporting the Rapid Rehousing Program here at UCSB. This is my first year on the team and I am more than excited to start the new school year. I joined this team because I wanted to engage with students and truly help and make a positive difference in their lives through creative problem solving and collaboration with other teams. Students can reach out to me to find out more opportunities regarding housing and resources available for them.

Zach Araneta

Basic Needs Pilot Program Coordinator

Majoring in Philosophy and Political Science

Hi, my name is Zachary Araneta and I am a Basic Needs Pilot Coordinator. I am a fourth year Political Science and Philosophy major. This is my first year with the team and I am very excited to help my fellow students receive all of the basic needs resources that they deserve and need! After all of the amazing opportunities and experiences the community of UCSB has given me, I really wanted to do my part to give back! I joined this team because I really wanted to use my ability to efficiently problem solve to help my local community. I plan to go to law school to purse a career in criminal law after I finish my undergraduate degree!
Corbin Hodges

Post Doctoral Researcher, Basic Needs

I’m a post-doctoral researcher with our Basic Needs Evaluation Team and I research the causes and consequences of college-student basic needs insecurity including the impacts of UCSB basic needs programs on student well-being. To date, we have investigated the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic influenced student basic needs, how stigma and attitudes influence college-student social service use, and the influence of the student-parent relationship on student food insecurity. Please reach out if you’re interested in learning more about these studies!

Rick Zheng

Research Assistant, Basic Needs

Kassandra Duran Beas

Majoring in ... 

Halal & Kosher Grocery Program Coordinator

Anahi Salas

Majoring in Sociology

Basic Needs Peer Advisor & CalFresh Advocate

Hi ya'll! My name is Anahi and I'm from Bakersfield,CA. I am a 4th year Sociology major. I joined the CalFresh Advocate and Basic Needs Peer Advisors this 2022 summer and I am so excited to continue to help students out where I can. This job is so fulfilling since it allows me to make a change in other's lives when they may not be at their highest.
Athina Salas

Majoring in Political Science with a Minor in Feminist Studies

Basic Needs Peer Advisor & CalFresh Advocate

Hi! My name is Athina Salas and I'm from Brentwood, CA in the Bay Area. I'm a 4th year Political Science major with a Minor in Feminist Studies. I've recently been an addition to the Basic Needs team as a Calfresh Advocate / Basic Needs Peer Advisor. I love being a part of this opportunity to help students become aware of their eligibility to benefits and resources on and off campus and to provide as much assistance as I can to alleviate mental and financial stress and promote academic success!
Azucena Sarbia

Majoring in Sociology

Basic Needs Peer Advisor & CalFresh Advocate

Hello everyone, my name is Azucena, and I'm from Rialto, CA. I'm a fourth year Sociology major. I've been an advocate for two years and a half. I've helped over two hundred students, and I'm excited to be able to continue helping more. A lot of us are first-generation students, and it can become difficult to navigate college. I am here to advocate for you and make it a little easier.
Daniel Lopez-Escobar

Majoring in ... 

Basic Needs Peer Advisor & CalFresh Advocate

Deisha Son

Majoring in Communication

Basic Needs Peer Advisor & CalFresh Advocate

Hello! My name is Deisha and my home town is in the Inland Empire - Fontana, CA. I am now a 2nd year making the switch to become a Communications major. I joined the team as a CalFresh Advocate and Basic Needs Peer Advisor this past summer of 2022 in order to proactively assist students with struggles regarding basic needs and be a part of making the basic needs offered at UCSB a reachable resource. I can proudly say that I have been meeting those goals of mine and truly enjoy being a part of this team.
Elena Vu

Majoring in Applied Mathematics with a Minor in Religious Studies

Basic Needs Peer Advisor & CalFresh Advocate

Hey everyone! My name's Elena and I'm from Garden Grove, CA. Currently, I'm majoring in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Religious Studies. I'm an upcoming 4th year and I only recently joined the team as a Calfresh Advocate / Basic Needs Peer Advisor at the beginning of summer and I'm very excited for what's to come for the next school year. I really enjoy working with my peers as we help others by providing them with resources to sustain basic needs and also advocating on their behalf. Everyone's entitled to an education, which is why I'm grateful to support other students in their goals.
Fion Huang

Majoring in Statistics and Data Science

Basic Needs Peer Advisor & CalFresh Advocate

Hi! My name is Fion and I'm from San Francisco, CA. I am in my 2nd year. I joined the team as a Calfresh Advocate and Basic Needs Peer Advisors at the end of spring 2022 in order to help my community and those struggling with Basic Needs. I believe that basic needs should be available to everyone and that is why I'm super excited to be part of this team and help those in need.
Genesis Hernandez

Majoring in Psychology and Brain Science, Applied Psychology

Basic Needs Peer Advisor & CalFresh Advocate

Hi! My name is Genesis and I'm from Bakersfield, California. I'm currently a 3rd year majoring in Psychology and Brain Science, minoring in Applied Psychology. I decided to become a CalFresh Advocate and Basic Needs Peer Advisor here at UCSB Thrive because I am passionate about social justice issues and wanted to get involved in creating an equitable experience for all students here on campus. I personally know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by the transition to college, and I would love the opportunity to support students through sharing information on our many campus resources. I am proud to be a first generation college student as well as a Chicana, and I look forward to advocating for other underrepresented students at UCSB.
Kelly To

Majoring in Sociology and Art

Basic Needs Peer Advisor & CalFresh Advocate

Hi! My name is Kelly and I'm from Oakland, California. I'm currently a 4th year double majoring in Sociology and Art and also a CalFresh and Basic Needs Advocate for Thrive. I joined the team in the beginning of this summer and I'm grateful to be part of a team that helps other students access different resources here on UCSB campus.

Lauren Bacon

Majoring in Sociology and Professional Writing  

Basic Needs Peer Advisor & CalFresh Advocate

Hi my name is Lauren, and I'm from Salt Lake City, UT! I'm a third year studying sociology with a minor in professional writing, and I'm a Calfresh and Basic Needs Advocate on campus. I started working here at the end of my second year because I am passionate about providing students with every additional resource that will help them feel supported and able to succeed. Like our name suggests, these are "basic needs", and a necessity for everyone's wellbeing and goals. I look forward to working with you!

Mirna Toxtle

Majoring in Psychology and Brain Sciences with a Minor in Applied Psychology

Basic Needs Peer Advisor & CalFresh Advocate

Hello! My name is Mirna and I am a rising third year, majoring in Psychology and Brain Sciences with a Minor in Applied Psychology. I am from Los Angeles and have recently started as a CalFresh Advocate and Basic Needs Peer Advisor this summer. I am very excited to meet new people and share the resources we have available as students and non-students. I have always been passionate about helping others and I look forward to doing that as much as I can!

Sara Madsen

Majoring in ...

Basic Needs Peer Advisor & CalFresh Advocate

Sharmaine Nastor

Majoring in Biology

Basic Needs Peer Advisor & CalFresh Advocate

Hi!! My name is Sharmaine and I’m from Hanford, CA near Fresno. I’m a fourth year bio major and have been a CalFresh Advocate and Basic Needs Advisor for a little over a year now. I was inspired to join the team by a previous Advocate who helped ease my transition as a first year by ensuring I had equitable access to food, housing, and other campus resources. Especially with my background as the eldest, first gen immigrant from a low income household, I remember how overwhelming it was trying to figure things out on my own and understand how it feels to be in that position. I hope to positively impact and support students to ease their struggles and connect them with the resources they need to succeed <3

Siouxzie Medina

Majoring in Environmental Studies & Sociology with a Minor inPoverty, Inequality and Social Justice 

Basic Needs Peer Advisor & CalFresh Advocate

Dafnet Rodriguez

Majoring in Sociology and Applied Psychology Minor

Housing Advocate 

Hello everyone, my name is Dafnet Rodriguez and I'm a fourth year Sociology major with a minor in applied psychology. I just came back from studying abroad in London and Paris. I have always loved social activism and helping out my community but with college I have only recently had the time to be able to help out which is what I am looking forward to in this position of being a rapid rehousing advocate and helping out our community with the housing insecurity crisis currently going on.
Savannah Martin

Majoring in Psychological and Brain Sciences

Housing Advocate 

Hi, my name is Savannah Martin, a second year Psychological and Brain Sciences major here at UCSB. Prior to coming to UCSB, I grew up in a small city in the Bay Area called Oakley. I recently started my position here as your rapid rehousing advocate, and I’m excited to make a difference in supporting students combat housing insecurity.

Technology Program Coordinator

Issac Zepeda Contreras

Majoring in Psychological and Brain Sciences

Healthy Snack Station Program Coordinator

Hello! My name is Isaac Zepeda Contreras and I am the healthy snack station coordinator. I am in charge of maintaining and restocking 14 healthy snack stations spread around campus which are here especially for low income students who need some extra food to fuel their day. I have been the coordinator for about four months now. As a low income first generation student I am thrilled to provide services along with the basic needs team. My goal is to continue at UCSB as a graduate student, furthering my education and eventually becoming a psychologist.

Katie Caracciolo

Majoring in History and Film and Media Studies

Garden Coordinator, Family Student Housing Community Gardens

I’m Katie Caracciolo, and I am the ECP Garden Coordinator and UCSB’s two Family Student Housing Community Gardens. I am currently a fourth year undergrad, and I’ve been in this position since June 2021, during which time I have enjoyed creating space in nature for students, their partners, and their children to enjoy, while also addressing food insecurity in the UCSB community.

Ava Harrison

Majoring in Biopsychology

Garden Coordinator, Greenhouse and Garden Project

Hi! My name is Ava Harrison and I will be the garden coordinator for the Greenhouse and Garden Project for the following year. In my role I will be doing all the fun things to maintain a successful and welcoming garden, including hosting volunteer days. Although this is my first time in this role, I have lots of agriculture experience since I grew up on a farm in Sacramento, CA and have done various jobs throughout the last 8 years! I am very excited to grow this garden and contribute to a valuable space in Isla Vista.

Eliza Pease

Majoring in Geography and Environmental Studies 

Garden Coordinator, University United Methodist Community Garden

Hello, my name is Eliza and I will be the garden coordinator for the United Methodist Church in IV this upcoming year! I will provide assistance in garden maintenance, growing and harvesting crops, volunteer outreach, and overall garden upkeep! I am so excited to share my love for the outdoors and gardening in particular with others. This is my first year in this position but I have 2 years of experience at an urban farm in my hometown of Berkeley. While I don't yet know what career path I want to pursue, I do know that it will center around sustainability and social justice. I am generally extroverted and love to chat and meet new people. I am also a big fan of collaboration and team work so I am always open to chat and work with others about projects and common goals. I am so excited for this year ahead!

Alejandra Valdez

Majoring in Environmental Studies and History

Garden Coordinator, St. Michael's Community Garden 

Hi, my name is Alejandra Valdez, I am the new Garden Coordinator at St. Michael's Church, this is my first year on the job, but extremely excited to learn as I go. Currently, I do the uptake of the garden such as planting, watering, and harvesting (Yay!) all through the year. My experience has been only limited to my small batch of pots in my garden, so I am happy to be able to expand my knowledge on a bigger scale such as a community garden. I am an ES major whose focus is on renewable resources to create sustainable gardens throughout my community later in life, so hoping this experience will add to my work in the future.

Camille Zimmer

Majoring in Psychology and Brain Science with a Science and Mathematics Education Minor

Operations Coordinator, AS Department of Public Worms

Hello! My name is Camille and I am an Operations Coordinators for A.S Department of Public Worms. I started with the Department of Public Worms Spring 2021 as a Worm Wrangler and took on my new position Summer 2022. Our department manages the student farm as well as various composting projects on and around UCSB’s campus. Additionally, I serve as the A.S Zero Waste Committee’s Compost Coordinator and got involved with Zero Waste Spring 2022. If you have any questions about gardening or compost feel free to contact me! In my free time I love to hang out with my dog and friends, dance, make art, and spend my time outdoors.

Oscar Peterson

Majoring in Environmental Studies

Operations Coordinator, AS Department of Public Worms

Hi! I'm Oscar, one of the Operations Coordinators for AS Department of Public Worms. I have been farming and gardening organically for a while, but began working as a Worm Wrangler in the summer of 2021. DPW runs the student farm, donating all our produce to the Food Bank, as well as managing compost piles at family and student housing. I love working to create a closed-loop food system and want to make organic produce and agriculture accessible to all.

Sophia Pfitzmann

Majoring in Environmental Studies and History of Art and Architecture

Edible Campus Program Volunteer Coordinator

Hi there! I'm Sophia. I just started this fall as the ECP's Volunteer Coordinator. I have been involved with gardens in my community throughout high school, and wanted to get involved with all the gardens and farms at UCSB. I have a decent amount of experience with event planning and advertising, and hope that I can create a solid system of volunteer recruitment as well create a volunteer network that engages students throughout all years of their education. Find me if you want to get started volunteering with UCSB and IV gardens and farms!

Danielle Bollinger

Majoring in Environmental Studies

ECP Education Coordinator

Howdy my name is Danielle Bollinger and I am an Edible Campus Educator intern. I started this summer in 2022 and am very excited to be joining the team. I grew up in Davis CA, and spent a lot of time working in my community gardens back home. My work for the ECP focuses on sustainability and environmental justice, and I am not location specific. I am looking forward to collaborating and learning from others, as well as making a positive impact in my community.

Emma Burke

Majoring in Environmental Studies

Methodist Garden Education and Outreach Coordinator

Hi! I'm Emma and I am the garden Educator for the Methodist Church Community Garden. I have been in this position since the spring of 2022. I will be hosting educational workshops, leading garden tours, and working with organizations outside of the University to help them set up composting systems and gardens to grow their own food. I previously worked with the Zero Waste Committee as the Compost Coordinator which helped me to hone my focus on food systems, specifically with local community gardens. My goal is to make the Methodist Garden one of the most abundant and productive spaces in Isla Vista, to prove the value and potential of community gardens. You can contact me about planning events, volunteer days, or collaborating on educational workshops.

Kit Swift

Majoring in Ecology and Evolution 

ECP Education Coordinator

Hey there! My name is Kit and I am a garden educator with Edible Campus Program. I've been on the team since February of 2022, and have enjoyed every moment. At ECP I am responsible for running workshops based around sustainable gardening practices and fighting food insecurity through gardening. I also run a quarterly book club based around looking at and fighting food insecurity and injustice. I've been gardening since I was in third grade, when I accidentally killed a plant my grandma gave me and got so sad I decided never to kill another plant. That never worked out, as any gardener knows, plants like to die. Since COVID began I've spent time working in social injustice movements, so I am glad at ECP I am able to combine those two passions.

Sophie Reinhart

Majoring in Environmental Studies 

Outreach Coordinator, AS Department of Public Worms

Hello! I'm Sophie and I am the Department of Public Worms' Outreach Coordinator. I've been in this position since June 2021 and my duties include leading workshops/farm tours, tabling around campus/IV, and managing the social media for DPW. I also work with the Isla Vista Compost Collective as a pile coordinator which taught me how to care for compost and manage food waste. My goal this year is to host more events for people to see our beautiful farm and speak to more folks about combatting food insecurity through gardening. Feel free to contact me with any questions! In my free time I like to swim, indoor rock climb and play videogames

Cindy Fabian Martinez

Majoring in Environmental Studies

Nature Wellbeing Education Coordinator

Hello, my name is Cindy Fabian and my title is a Nature Wellbeing Intern. I come from North Hollywood California. My hobbies include running and coloring This is my first year on this team but I have done a lot of advocacy and outreach regarding the environment and the importance of mental health so I have a little bit of experience. My goals for this school year is to meet new people and build connections as well as become more experienced in the environmental field. I'm excited to be working with incredible people making a change in this world!

Jahlia Layton

Majoring in Sociology and Environmental Studies

Nature Wellbeing Education Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Jahlia Layton and I will be one of the Nature Wellbeing Education Coordinator for this upcoming school year! I will be working alongside our Edible Campus Program and the Department of Health and Wellness to host workshops and tours for our campus community. Generally, I center myself around the outdoors and meditative practices for self-care/ stress management and this is what this program is all about. Though this will be my first year as an educator, I can’t wait to share all that I know and learn more along the way!

Kendalynn Ross

Majoring in ....

Nature Wellbeing Education Coordinator