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A.S. Commission on Student Well-Being


The Associated Students Commission on Student Well-Being (COSWB) is committed to the well-being of UCSB undergraduates, with a particular emphasis on physical, nutritional, and mental well-being. Its main purpose is to increase awareness, educate, advocate, and serve as a reference point for student social services. COSWB creates programs that provide a positive and comfortable environment for everyone on campus in order to stay true to their values of appreciating and preserving student well-being. Some popular events include yoga classes, Free Fitness Tuesdays, self-defense classes, meditation workshops, and paint night.



Food Demos:

COSWB partners with the Isla Vista Food Co-op to bring healthy, fun food demos to the community to spread information about nutrition and health in an interactive, delicious way. Past food demos include learning how to make your own acai bowls, and taste testing different Isla Vista Food Co-op favorites such as fresh hummus and pita chips.


 High Intensity Interval Training:

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of interval training in which you alternate short, very high intensity intervals with longer, slower intervals to recover. With the help of fitness instructor, Rhian Jacques, you will quickly burn calories as you flow through a variety of exercises to sculpt and tone your body into shape! The HIIT workout targets core, upper body, and lower body through cardio and high intensity exercises. Examples of exercises include: squats, push-ups, sit-ups/ab workouts, planks, mountain climbers, tricep dips, and burpees.

The High Intensity Training is for all levels. No previous experience is needed. Just come ready for a great and fun work out! And guess what? Everybody gets a free Blenders smoothie at the end of the work out.


Yoga Series:

Explore a variety of practices that improve your strength, coordination, balance, endurance, and flexibility. You will release stress, calm your mind, develop your ability to concentrate, and emerge refreshed and renewed. This event is free for all students, and snacks/drinks will be provided. If possible, bring a mat and/or towel. Mats will also be provided, so feel free to come without one. All are welcome!

     For more information regarding nutrition tips, mental health tips, and more, please click here.