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The University of California Global Food Initiative addresses one of the critical issues of our time: how to sustainably and nutritiously feed a world population expected to reach eight billion by 2025. As part of the statewide sustainable food movement, the UC Global Food Initiative (UCGFI) team at UCSB in part has created instructional videos to educate its fellow peers and community members on various topics with hopes that the information can be utilized by schools and communities nationwide. The videos tackle the challenge of preparing healthy and affordable self-cooked meals to delving into the personal stories of the individuals who experience food insecurity.

Food Security

There are many friendly faces who are able to help you find ways to combat food insecurity, from the individuals at the financial aid office to the food security peers at the food bank. Visit the Youtube playlist on food security here. Videos include a History of the A.S. Food Bank, Introduction to CalFresh Enrollment Parties, and informative talks such as the Food Justice Dinner held by FNBS. Below are some fun takes on youtube trends and general informative videos Associated Students has created:

Draw My Life: AS Food Bank                                              Food Stories 
How to Use the AS Food Bank
AS Food Bank Food Distribution



Want to maximize what you can get with your grocery budget?  Look no further. Learn some tips and tricks here. You can also ensure your voice is heard in supporting sustainable food practices too in making select purchasing decisions! Alternatively, you can take a look at the Edible Campus youtube playlist here that encourages you to invest in growing your own food. Other videos to check out include:

Knowing your egg certifications

Greenhouse & Garden Plot
Urban Orchard Program



Now that you have mastered making your way through the aisles of grocery stores, what do you do with produce you have? Learn how to cook delicious budget friendly meals that will make the most of your grocery shopping and ensure no food waste as you can make many of our meals with leftover ingredients from previous meals or use it in the next day's meal. Check out our Youtube page UCSB UC GFI for more helpful advice in creating budget friendly meals! Below are some featured videos to get you started.

Knowing your Knives                                                
Breaking Down a Whole Chicken

Beans, Rice and Cheese Burrito                                      Burrito Bowl
Lentil Soup                                                                        Oatmeal with Apples & Honey
Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesedilla                     Thanksgiving Dinner