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Professional and Academic Health HCN Sub-Committee


To support a community of thriving faculty, staff, and student Gauchos who are engaged in their professions, careers, and academics. We will do this by utilizing and reinvigorating existing resources and programming ideas, and creating new ones where needed.


Draft Goals:

*Please note that these goals were drafted by the Professional and Academic Health Sub-committee of the Healthy Campus Network and are still in the vetting process.  If you would like to give feedback on these goals, please email the Sub-committee Chair, Erica Losada

Short-term Goals:

  • Initiate co-curricular transcripts for students
  • Create opportunities to continue I Heart UCSB campaign

Mid Term Goals:

  • Promote policies and programs already in place to support staff and faculty to pursue opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • All new employees are aware of Gaucho mentor Connection and encouraged to participate by their third year of service.
  •  Increase attendance in class and campus programs such as FSSP, TSSP, and STEP.
  • Increase professional development fund pools.

Long-term Goals:

  • All students utilize career services.
  • Develop shared identity through new employee orientation.
  • Promote staff participation in extracurricular groups.
  • Increase employee engagement level to 45%.

Visionary Goals:

  • Increase employee engagement level to 73%
  • Expand orientation programs for transfer students.
  • All graduates have participated in an experiential learning opportunity.
  • Expand career counseling opportunities for staff and faculty.


  • Erica Losada, Assistant Director of Finance, Executive Vice Chancellor’s Office, Staff Assembly
  • Greta Carl-Halle, Business Officer, Computer Science, Staff Assembly
  • Angelica Caudillo, Counselor, Educational Opportunity Program
  • Danielle Quinones-Ortega, Associate Director, Office of Student Life 
  • Maya Salmon, Career Resources Coordinator, Career Services