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Healthy Campus Network Crew

Who we Are

The Healthy Campus Network (HCN) envisions a campus culture that encourages health and wellness activities.  The HCN crew, a group of staff and faculty from departments throughout campus volunteer to support their colleagues to live healthier lifestyles. The HCN achieves this by sharing information about new resources, workshops, and opportunities to engage in wellness programming on campus. Crew members will also engage their peers in team building activities that support a culture of wellness.

What are the Expectations of Crew Members?

Crew members will be asked to keep the staff, faculty, and students in their department aware of programs, events, and resources available on campus and to engage their colleagues in group activities around health and wellness. Specific expectations include:

  • Forward announcements about Healthy Campus Network programs, events, and resources to appropriate departmental listserves (or integrate announcements into departmental emails.)
  • Post flyers about wellness activities where appropriate in your department.
  • Attend one hour-long meeting per quarter to learn about campus wellness programs.
  • Organize one team building activity per quarter around health and wellness.  This could touch on any area of the healthy campus network including physical health, mental/psychological health, social and cultural health, professional and academic health, environmental health, or financial health. Some examples could include planning a walk around the lagoon with your colleagues, having a lunch time potluck or picnic highlighting a healthy recipe, inviting fidelity to offer a financial workshop for staff in your department, gathering together several people from your department to participatein FitSQUAD together, or organizing a group meditation.
  • Encourage colleagues to participate in campus-wide wellness campaigns. This could include the Take the Stairs Campaign, CycleMaynia (planned for May to encourage biking to work), or UC Walks.

Support for Crew Members

This is a volunteer opportunity and does not come with direct compensation.  We encourage staff who are interested in participating to engage their supervisor in a conversation about what time could be used to participate.  Our hope is that supervisors will be motivated to offer some flexibility for staff to support their participation.  This program will help increase overall wellness of employees and students; increase overall morale and camaraderie; and only require a modest amount of time of each crew member.

HCN Crew Kick Off Meeting
Bike to Work

Ready to Sign up?

Please fill out this google form and our HCN Coordinator, Iris Chen will be in touch with you shortly after with information on next steps. if you want to learn more before you sign up, please feel free to contact Iris directly.

CREW Members:
Nea Alvarado 
Personnel Analyst, Geography  
Tania Dunson Business Officer, Department of Communication
Stacey Eymann Financial Aid Advisor, Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships
Sharon Solis Data Manager & Degree Audit Encoder, Office of the Registrar
Ronni Wynn Manager, Vivarium
Elizabeth Jensen Contracts & Grants Manager, Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies
Eric Durak Health & Wellness Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety
Barb Beainy Director of Development, Engineering & the Sciences, Development
Sage Davis Building Manager/MEIAF Manager, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Laurie Ritchie Administrative Divisional Manager, University Center / Food Service
Fukiko Miyazaki Financial & Faculty Assistant, Solid State Lighting and Energy Center
Julie Carmack UCEN Office Manager, University Center / Director's Office
Ryan Sims, Graduate Academic Counselor & Associate Director, Academic Svcs Graduate Division
Leslie Altman Reservations Manager, Orientation Programs
Carli Ruskauff Events and Administrative Coordinator, CSEP, California NanoSystems Institute
Katerin Quintanilla Billing Technical Assistant, Billing & Accounts Receivable
Vercruysse Coraline HR & Payroll Analyst, Associated Students
Ann Crawford Database Developer Student Information Systems & Technology
Wendy Cordova Assistant Director & Multicultural Greek Advisor, Student Life
Kristyn Keylon Direct Loan Analyst, Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships
Kareen Louis Counselor/Coordinator African diasporic Cultural Resource Center
Educational Opportunity Program
Martine White Special Assistant, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
Jen Pearson Financial and Personnel Assistant, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Jasmine Abu-Omar Financial Accountant, UC Santa Barbara Foundation
Tricia Rascon Director, Orientation Programs
Ruth Quintanilla Housing - Residence Halls
Gladys Koscak Mental Health Specialist, Counseling and Psychological Services
Elizabeth Delo Disability Services Manager, Human Resources
Krep Creps WorkStrong Coordinator, Recreation
Robin L. Rogers Academic Personnel Analyst, Social Sciences