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Financial Health HCN Sub-Committee


To increase financial literacy and financial health related education across the campus for staff, faculty, and students.


Draft Goals:

*Please note that these goals were drafted by the Environmental Health Sub-committee of the Healthy Campus Network and are still in the vetting process.  If you would like to give feedback on these goals, please email the Sub-committee Chair Stacey Eymann.

Short-term Goals:

  • To create an emergency housing plan for students who face eviction or unsafe living conditions.
  • Offer additional workshops to staff and faculty who are seeking housing listings within their budget.
  • Increase awareness of the AS Food Bank and other food security resources.
  • Increase awareness of the new Fidelity workshops.
  • Offer frequent feedback to Fidelity on whether financial workshops are meeting staff and faculty needs in coordination with other campuses who are also working with Fidelity.
  • Encourage departments to offer work release time to attend Fidelity workshops. 
  • Collaborate with new student programs such as STEP and Freshman Summer Start Program to expand their financial workshops.
  • Raise awareness about public loan forgiveness programs, college savings plans, emergency loans, and financial planning resources.
  • Promote public loan forgiveness as a recruitment incentive for prospective employees.
  • Update Money Matters booklet and distribute more widely.
  • Identify potential opportunities to reduce food insecurity of staff and faculty.
  • Launch a student farm capable of growing food for food insecure students.

Mid Term Goals:

  • Establish a housing co-op for staff and faculty.
  • Provide a year round storage unit (physical space) for students, staff, and faculty to use during move in/move out periods or between leases.
  • Explore alternative meal plan options will be based on a sustainable business model as well as accommodating student requests.
  • Increase the maximum number of meal vouchers available for students.  Seek opportunities for collaboration between the Swipes program and the Financial Crisis Team’s meal voucher program.
  • Increase low cost food options that are available on campus.
  • Offer a shuttle service to help AS Food Bank clients get their produce home.
  • Integrate EBT into all stores on campus that could potentially accept EBT.
  • Increase awareness of retirement options and lower number of staff/faculty who default selection.
  • Offer more workshops on seeking and applying for scholarships.
  • Require students to log into their loan history before taking out additional loans.
  • Require students to create a plan for loan repayment prior to graduation.

Long-term Goals:

  • Offer subsidized moving services to students.
  • Provide a financial and retirement consultation area for staff and faculty.
  • UC or UCSB providing a statement of support to encourage supervisors to allow employees to take work time to access campus services.
  • Increase EOP/AS Grants for low-income first generation students.
  • Create a budgeting app/tool for students to plan their finances.
  • Require budgeting course prior to loan increases.

Visionary Goals:

  • Construct more on-campus housing and purchase more housing near UCSB.
  • Promote use of engagement committee’s digital bulletin board for staff and faculty.
  • Integrate staff and faculty housing listings into new OrgSync pages for staff and faculty.
  • Offer (or mandate) a financial aid/literacy seminar for freshmen.
  • Increase affordable childcare on campus for students, staff, and faculty.
  • Increase financial support/aid for low-income and first-generation students.
  • Increase the number of work-study jobs available to our students.
  • Ensure all workers have a retirement plan suited for personalized individual needs.


  • Stacey Eymann, Financial Aid Advisor (Chair)
  • Brenda Curiel, EOP, Assistant Director
  • Nicole Dominguez, Quality Assurance Manager
  • Kristyn Keylon, Direct Loan Analyst
  • Erica Losada, Financial and Operational Manager for Academic Affairs
  • Holly Voong, Student