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Mental, Social, Cultural Health

Stress Reduction

Mindful UCSB (Staff & Faculty) 

If you have been looking for a short, meaningful and effective introduction to evidence based mindfulness and meditation, this 4-week Mindful UCSB workshop is for you. During this workshop you will explore personal access points to developing greater mindfulness in your life. Through periods of silent mindfulness meditation, didactical instruction, personal inquiry, expert teachings, exercises and live Q&A, you will be skillfully guided to take your first steps with evidence based mindfulness practice. Join UCSB Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential's Director of Education Dawa Tarchin Phillips for 4 weeks of purposeful personal growth and professional development.

Hyacinth Locke; mindfulucsb@gmail.com  


A.S. Commission on Student Well Being (COSWB) (Students)

Will put on events such as yoga classes, mental health first aid trainings, Free Fitness Tuesdays, self-defense classes, meditation workshops, stress-relief workshops and activities, Pardall Carnival

Contact: Diana Collins Puente dianap@as.ucsb.edu


CAPS Mental Health Peers (Students) 

Over 15 students hired as mental health peers to offer on-going peer level support to students. Drop-in peer counseling, Massage & Egg Chairs, Workshops, School Anxiety Program. Mental Health Peers page includes many tools for student wellbeing and stress reduction.

Coping Tools

Building & Maintaining Close Relationships 

Mental Health Concerns

Unique Challenges for Student Groups 


Contact: 805) 893-4411
Clinician on call available 24/7

Health & Wellness (Students, Faculty & Staff)

Community Mindfulness Practice/UCSB Meditation
Drop in mindfulness & compassion meditation sessions offered two times per week
Provide neck/shoulder massage to students 3 x/wk; also provide "de-stress" events during dead week
Dog Therapy Day
Therapy dogs on campus close to final exams to reduce stress
Mindful Monday Yoga
Offer Yoga session 1x/qtr in week 8 to introduce students to de-stress options

Contact: (805) 893-2630

Labyrinth (Students, Faculty & Staff)

A walking meditation that has been used since ancient times and across cultures to calm the mind, relax the body, and revive the spirit by following a single circuitous, uninterrupted path to a center and back.