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Please see below for the following internships:

  • Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for Pre-College Basic Needs Program
  • Graduate Student Garden Educator, Edible Campus Program Student Farm

Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for Pre-College Basic Needs Program ($14/hr. 10 hrs a week)

This position is only open to students eligible for work-study. If you are interested in Monarch Internship Opportunities similar to this position, please contact Katie Maynard kcmaynard@ucsb.edu.

General Summary of Duties:
The EAOP Food Security-Basic Needs (FSBN) Outreach Intern will work to inform junior and senior
high students at UCSB EAOP Partnership High Schools about the existence of services, resources, and contact information for food security and basic needs at the UC, CSU, and California Community Colleges. Interns will disseminate information annually, throughout critical junctures of the college application and matriculation process, during the senior year of high school so that pre-college program participants and the general student body are more fully informed and aware about the existence of such resources and services prior to their arrival at their destination-college or University of choice.

Food Security and Basic Needs (FSBN) Interns will work in conjunction with Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) College Site Coordinators (CSC) to navigate the school site and take part in pre-college programming, events, and activities as well as tabling, classroom presentations, and working with school stakeholders to promote greater awareness about said resources and services as well as the associated issues and challenges. In order to facilitate access to critical school stakeholders and high school students, school contacts will be identified by EAOP CSC staff and they will foster collaborative opportunities for the UCSB FSBN Outreach Interns. Currently EAOP CSC are placed at 10 different high schools in three counties (Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Kern), across six school districts in Santa Maria, Oxnard, Santa Paula, Fillmore, and Bakersfield. The EAOP CSC are permanently located at the school sites all year round, including the summer. They provide on-going intensive cohort college prep services for EAOP enrolled students and also conduct school wide college going initiatives for all 9th – 12th grade students, regardless of their college eligibility status or interest in attending post-secondary education. The UCSB FSBN undergraduate interns will travel to and from school sites to work directly with the EAOP CSC to facilitate FSBN services and activities.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Curriculum Development (25% Daily to Weekly):

-- Learning about Food Security and Basic Needs issues, challenges, resources, and services
-- Understanding resources and services that are available in the UC, CSU, and California Community College Systems
-- Development of Food Security and Basic Needs curriculum that will be used to provide instruction to students and parents
-- Public speaking in small and large groups, including classrooms and auditoriums, limited tabling in high traffic areas

Service Coordination & Delivery (50% Weekly to Monthly)
-- Engaging respectively and professionally with school stakeholders and EAOP College Site Coordinators
-- Coordinating services with teachers, counselors, and administrators as warranted
-- Regular travel to and from partnership high school sites via personal or rental vehicle. Mileage will be reimbursed
-- Learning and utilizing business practices related to standard UC accounting, pre-approval, reimbursement, and payment procedures

Evaluation & Assessment Reporting (25% Weekly)
-- Learning database system and limited data entry may also be part of general duties and responsibilities
-- Tracking services, contacts, and outcomes using standard data collection methods and techniques
-- Creating & administering feedback mechanisms such as satisfaction surveys and pre and post intervention evaluations
-- Documenting process & procedures, methodology, outcomes, feedback, and improvement strategies in a reflective format

Application Instructions:

Please submit a resume, cover letter, and fall class schedule to:   internshipsucsbsustainability@gmail.com by October 18th, 2019. If you need help developing a resume or cover letter, UCSB Career Services can help!

Graduate Student Garden Educator, Edible Campus Program ($21/hr. 9 hrs a week)

The Edible Campus Program seeks one graduate student who can develop workshops, hand-on activities, tours, and other educational activities for the Edible Campus Program Student Farm. There is an enormous amount of curriculum available and so this person will be primarily collecting and curating lesson plans, adapting those lesson plans to local needs, and teaching other interns how to present those lesson plans. We are interested in education on sustainable and localized food systems, basic gardening practices, food justice, civic engagement, science in the garden, etc. The graduate student will also work with instructors at the Orfalea Family Children's Center to inspire them to engage in garden and farm based curriculum. The selected student will develop workshops for both early childhood education and college aged students.

A successful candidate will have some experience in gardening or agriculture, will be comfortable presenting at workshops of 20 or more individuals, and is very organized.

We are looking for driven students that when they identify a challenge are not discouraged, but instead look for creative solutions. The student selected will be able to learn on the job and be comfortable with one-on-one training as tasks arise. This internship will not start with a standard set of trainings or any detailed instructions of exactly how to approach the position. This is a new program and much of what we are doing is being crafted as we go. The student selected will meet with a professional staff mentor at a minimum once a week and will also have the opportunity to have additional mentorship time as needed throughout the week. In addition to these training opportunities, the student will be collaborating with several professional staff on different aspects of the project and will gain exposure to a professional work environment and a variety of mentors. We are looking for a student who can be professional in written and verbal communications, excels in collaborative work environments, and can resolve conflicts in a respectful manner.

Some additional minimum requirements include that the student must be a currently enrolled UCSB graduate student and available to work Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters of this coming year. We offer preference to work study students but do not require work study for this position.

If you are a Monarch Scholar, please contact us directly for similar opportunities at kcmaynard@ucsb.edu.

This position is 9 hrs a week.

Application Instructions:

Please submit a resume, cover letter, and fall class schedule to:   internshipsucsbsustainability@gmail.com by October 18th, 2019. If you need help developing a resume or cover letter, UCSB Career Services can help!