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Community Housing Office


The Community Housing Office (CHO) is a one-stop resource for rental housing information and dispute resolution. Experienced staff members can help answer questions and provide guidance regarding rental rights and responsibilities. Some services that are available to students, faculty, staff, and property providers include off-campus rental listings, landlord/tenant, neighbor, and roommate dispute resolution, a mediation program, educational workshops, move-in and move-out videotaping, and advice and information about rental rights and responsibilities for both tenants and property providers.


Educational Workshops

Twice a year, in Winter and Spring, the CHO hosts workshops in the residence halls to inform students about renting in the community. All students are welcome.

Rental Advice & Information

Seek advice and find information about a variety of complex housing questions. This online center aims to help with resolving roommate conflicts and issues with property providers.

Legal Issue Resolution

For legal questions please consult Rental Advice and Information. You may review the knowledge database for answers to your questions or submit a request for advice.


Community Living Options

• Shared Housing: Tenants who need roommates and roommates who need rooms can seek arrangements through the Community Housing Office.
• Apartments and Duplexes
• Condominiums and Houses
• Rooms in Private Homes: Private home-owners in Santa Barbara rent rooms to UCSB students, staff, and faculty.
• Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-Op
• Sorority and Fraternity Houses
• UCSB Undergraduate Apartments
• UCSB Family Student Housing
• UCSB Residence Halls
The Haven: a community for students in recovery



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