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Funding Opportunities

Funding through the Food Security Taskforce for 2018-2020

Deadline: February 9th, 2018 at 5:00pm

The UCSB Food Security Taskforce received new information on the priorities for the 2018-2020 budget from the statewide working group. We are still waiting to hear from UC Office of the President whether and how much will be allocated for the 2018-2020 time frame.  In the meantime though, we have learned that the categories and percentages statewide will be:

1. Leadership/ Staffing (35%): Total amount likely to be available: $52,850 - $175,000

2. Evaluation/ Reporting (20%): Total amount likely to be available: $30,200 - $100,000.

3. CalFresh Assistance (15%): Total amount likely to be available: $22,650 - $75,000.

4. Skills Development (10%): Total amount likely to be available: $15,100 - $50,000.

5. Pre-College Outreach and Preparation (5%): Total amount likely to be available: $7,550 - $25,000. Ensure efforts are being proactive about educating and preparing pre-undergraduate and pre-graduate student populations to prioritize their basic needs through their undergraduate and graduate trajectories. 

6. 1st Year Experience (5%): Total amount likely to be available: $7,550 - $25,000. Ensure basic needs is integrated across admissions messaging, orientations, events, residential housing programming, and targeted materials.

7. Emergency Relief/ Crisis Resolution (5%): Total amount likely to be available: $7,550 - $25,000.

8. Basic Needs Center (Physical or Virtual) (5%): Total amount likely to be available: $7,550 - $25,000. All campuses are encouraged to have a central point of coordination for basic needs efforts. For some campuses this central point will be a physical center/hub and for others it will be an online center/hub (such as food.ucsb.edu).

In November, we received several strong proposals which we are still deliberating on.  In addition to reviewing these proposals though, we would like to re-open the call for proposals to allow for additional ideas.  In particular, we did not receive enough proposals to address the evaluation/reporting or pre-college outreach and preparation category.  We are open to proposals in any category above, but are especially excited for proposals in those areas.

In general, we are looking for proposals where the proposers are building on existing efforts and collaborating with other groups on campus where possible.  We hope to continue to use the new funding to strengthen relationships and to build a cohesive campus-wide strategy to address food security and support our students.  Please consider reviewing the following to identify potential partnership opportunities: UCSB's Accomplishments in Food Security.

Proposal Form
Funding Guidelines

To submit a proposal, please email it to: Katie Maynard.  Katie can also be contacted for any questions. 

UC Global Food Initiative Funding Opportunity

Deadlines: May 31st, 2018

The UC Global Food Initiative addresses one of the critical issues of our time: how to sustainably and nutritiously feed a world population expected to reach eight billion by 2025. If you have a creative idea for how we could leverage UC resources to tackle the issue of creating a sustainable and just food system, please consider sharing your ideas.  Individuals interested in proposing new projects are strongly encouraged to review the existing topic areas and working groups and to seek partnerships with the existing groups if possible.  If you are interested in proposing something that does not fit into any of the working groups, it is recommended that you seek partners on at least one other UC campus and submit a joint proposal that will impact more than one campus.  The more campuses that are involved, the more likely the proposal is to be accepted.  Please also note that proposals related to UC student food security should be applying through the Food Security Taskforce (see above) rather than this opportunity. This funding opportunity is for projects that cannot already be funded by the Food Security Taskforce.

To submit a proposal, please email it to: Katie Maynard.  Katie can also be contacted for any questions.