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Physical Health HCN Sub-Committee


To create a culture on the UCSB campus such that healthy living is a central part of daily life for staff, faculty, and students. The Physical Health Sub-committee will focus on food choices, physical activity, and overall fitness.


Draft Goals:

*Please note that these goals were drafted by the Emotional and Psychological Health Sub-committee of the Healthy Campus Network and are still in the vetting process.  If you would like to give feedback on these goals, please email Katie Maynard.

Short-term Goals:

  • Launch a Bike Share Program Pilot.
  • Purchase and Install Health Kiosks (Know Your Numbers Funded Project). (Completed!)
  • Explore options for expanding physical fitness locations.
  • Relaunch Fit Squad.
  • Develop a sustainable business model for Fit Squad.
  • Survey faculty living at West Campus Point and North Campus Faculty Housing and ask them what might encourage them to bike to campus. 
  • Expand participation in CycleMania.
  • Develop a plan for expanding healthy options at UCen locations.
  • Explore marketing tactics such as putting healthy food options at eye level rather than less healthy options.
  • Increase information about healthy on campus meal and snacking options on the food.ucsb.edu website.
  • Launch the healthy vending machine policy (started at UCOP).
  • Increase awareness of existing programs among staff and faculty. Promotion of the asset map.
  • Survey staff and faculty to find out what times they would like to see workshops/programming.  Make sure to include staff that work at shifts other than 8am-5pm and/or do not take their lunch from 12-1.
  • Expand use of hand sanitizer on campus.  Find out which departments may be willing to pay for hand sanitizer refills on an ongoing basis.
  • Expand the Food, Nutrition and Basic Skills program to Staff and Faculty.
  • Develop programs based in departments that can be used for team building activities as well as health and fitness.
  • Expand healthy options in campus vending machines and help implement the statewide vending machine policy at UCSB.
  • Document food policies, discuss in mixed audience focus groups.
  • Label foods in UCen dining franchises with composite index score.

Mid Term Goals:

  • Evaluate existing programs on the Healthy Campus Network Asset Map to determine whether those participating in these programs represents the diversity of our community.
  • Transition Bike Share pilot program into an ongoing program.
  • Ensure that staff and faculty attend Campus Planning Committee Meetings and advocate for adherence to bike parking policy.
  • Apply for a TGIF grant to support new bike lockers on campus.
  • Expand capacity of the Wellness and Fitness Institute.
  • Offer weight management courses on campus.
  • Expand noon ball and other intramural activities for staff and faculty.
  • Offer more beginner level fitness programs specific to staff and faculty.
  • Offer more workshops that are located where staff work.
  • Identify stakeholders on campus to develop a flu vaccine campaign and research other successful campaigns at peer institutions.
  • Health competition between departments hosted. Departments encourage their employees to create teams to compete with other departments.  This could be an expansion of UC Walks.
  • Host a forum on recreation within the community of people with disabilities.
  • Develop a resource guide highlighting existing options for people with disabilities.
  • Asses the feasibility of rewriting contract bidding criteria to prioritize good food, and exclude unhealthy fast foods, soda, unethical food, environmentally and climate destructive food.
  • Develop a plan for improving food on campus.
  • Assess the feasibility of banning items such as sugar-sweetened beverages and processed meats. 

Long-term Goals:

  • Expand Bike Share pilot to Goleta and surrounding areas.
  • Expand bike parking requirements in new construction policies.
  • Raise funding for expanded recreational facilities.
  • Raise funding for expanding wellness programming for staff and faculty.
  • Employees interested in doing so, will have personal health tracking devices and will use these in peer to peer, motivational programming.

Visionary Goals:

  • Expand Bike Share program across South County.
  • Expand recreational facilities.
  • Employees offered work release time for health, wellness and fitness activities.


  • Katie Maynard, Sustainability Coordinator, Sustainability (Chair)
  • Barb Beainy, Director of Development and Stewardship, Office of Development
  • Amy Jamieson, Faculty and Program Advisor, Exercise Sport Studies
  • Ali Javanbakht, Medical Director, Student Health
  • Kristyn Keylon, Direct Loan Analyst, Financial Aid
  • Brenda Lear, Assistant Director for Fitness, Wellness + Special Programs, Recreation
  • Hannah Thomas Pullen, Global Food Initiative Fellow
  • Lipika Sadaram, Undergraduate Student, Associated Students Representative
  • Sharon Solis, Data Manager & Degree Audit Encoder, Office of the Registrar
  • Yesil Satik, Undergraduate Student
  • Han Koehle, Queer & Trans Health Advisor
  • Nancy Emerson, Executive Assistant to the Dean of mathematical, Life & Physical Sciences
  • Michelle Leachman, Gaucho Rec Coordinator